Homeschool Troops

Homeschoolers are welcome to join any scout troop, or even go it alone as a Lone Scout. However, there are some advantages to belonging to a homeschool troop, one being that activities can take place during the school day.

If you belong to a troop that is predominantly made up of homeschoolers, you are free to list it here. Email us, and we’ll post it on this page.


Troop 89 – Part of a homeschooling unit that also includes a Cub Scout pack and Venturing crew. Serves the Powder Springs area.

Troop 47 – Part of a homeschool scouting family that also includes an American Heritage Girls troop and a Cub Scout pack. Serves the Savannah area.


Troop 281 – Homeschool troop that meets every Monday at Country Acres Baptist Church in Wichita, KS. Also has a Cub Scout Pack 281. Charted by the Teaching Parents Association. Email

Troop 457 – Troop is made up of homeschoolers and Christian school students in Prairie Village


Troop 239 – Serves the homeschool community in Dundalk.


Troop 95 – For homeschoolers in the Attleboro area.


Troop 332 – Meets Monday evenings at 6951 Hanna Lake Avenue, Caledonia.  Also a Cub Scout Pack, Venture Crew, and Keepers of the Faith Girls Club!  Something for the whole family!  Contact


Troop 387 – Large troop that serves homeschoolers in Manchester.

New Jersey

Troop 113 – Based on Psalms 1:1-3 — we pray that our scouts will grow up to be like the man described in those verses. We’re part of Northern New Jersey Council, sponsored by the First Baptist Church of Hackensack. Meets 7-9pm Mondays.

North Carolina

Unit 94 – Located in north Charlotte – just off 485 across from UNCC. Meetings are held at University Hills Baptist Church on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7pm. This is the oldest homeschool unit in the Charlotte area – Serving God, Family, and Country!

Troop 122 – Homeschool troop that meets first, second and third Mondays at Asbury United Methodist Church in Huntersville. Also has a Cub Scout Pack. Email or

Troop 333 – A flexible and compassionate family-oriented homeschool troop that allows other types of school options at the parents’ discretion. Serves Charlotte Metro North, including North Mecklenburg, South Iredell, and West Cabarrus county. Web site is

Troop 447 – Homeschool troop in Charlotte. Also has a Cub Scout Pack.


Troop 30 – Serves the homeschooling community of the Northwest Oklahoma City area.

Troop 11 – Part of a homeschooling unit that also includes Cub Scout Pack 1. Serves the Edmond, Piedmont, Guthrie & North Oklahoma City  area.


Troop 3 of the New Birth of Freedom Council – Serves homeschoolers in southeastern PA (York County). Chartered by York Home School Association. Has an active Cub Pack and Boy Scout troop made up of great kids.


Troop 511 – Located in Maryville. Contact Scoutmaster here.


Troop 207 – Serves the Christian homeschool community in McKinney, as part of the Lone Star District in Circle 10 Council.

Troop 226 – Serving the Christian homeschool community in the Plano, Allen, and McKinney areas

Troop 437 – Serves members of the Richardson Home School Association.

Troop 1171 – Serving Christian homeschool students in Lewisville and Flower Mound

Troop 1945 – Christian home school troop located in The Woodlands, Texas.

Troop 2407 – Homeschool troop serving the San Antonia area.

Troop 4031 – Located in Allen, Texas, this Christian homeschool troop also serves Plano, Frisco and McKinney as part of the new Eagle Trail District in Circle 10 Council.


Troop 1807 – Boy Scout Pack, Troop and Crew 1807 meets at Bethlehem Baptist Church, 9600 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, Mondays,  7-8:30 pm. Open to boys ages 6-20 and girls ages 14-20. This is a Christ-centered unit focused on recruiting from the home school community.


Troop 1532 – Port Orchard area. (Seattle Council, Sinclair District) is a Christian troop made up of about 2/3 homeschoolers.


16 Responses to Homeschool Troops

  1. Dawn Manwell says:

    Charlotte, NC Homeschool Pack and Troop 447

  2. We are just starting up – finalizing our charter. This will be a primarily homeschool friendly, traditional boy led troop.

  3. Paul Farrell says:

    Hackensack, NJ – While we’re not exclusively homeschoolers in our troop (not chartered to our LSG, but a local church/school), about 80%+ are homeschooled with some private school and public schoolers who are friends and neighbors. Started our troop in October, 2010 as a spin-off from a larger troop located about 30 miles away (which is 60% homeschoolers). Started with five transfer scouts – now have grown to 18 scouts.

  4. We find having a mix of homeschool and other school scouts is imperative. All the scouts started with another very strict homeschool troop and almost saw lifelong friendships severed because of stricter guidelines. We started a homeschool troop that allows for military deployment, special ed, and many other school options, like online, that the state does not formally recognize as homeschool. By allowing these exceptions for people who have homeschooled their children most their lives we kept the friends together in scouting, and find that others are attracted to the flexibility. None of us knows what our future holds and to have a scout removed from his troop after years of knowing other boys is just not reasonable. So we hope this example helps other troops craft their homeschool guidelines to allow those respectful of homeschool to join and participate.

    The real fact is, when we make friends outside of homeschooling, very often we’ve educated the parents that homeschooling is not as hard as some would be lead to believe, and they could try it too. A lot of families consider it, and a few have actually switched from public school to homeschool. So the positive influence is there. As for any negative influence, that can be addressed with rational conversation – which we’ve yet to require of any scout!

  5. Amber Benton says:

    Unit 94 is in north Charlotte – just off 485 across from UNCC. Meetings are held at University Hills Baptist Church on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 7pm. This is the oldest homeschool unit in the Charlotte area – Serving God, Family, and Country!

  6. John Piller says:

    Just thought I’d let you know we here in VA have a homeschool troop in the Richmond metro area. We are Troop 1807, and though not exclusively comprised of homeschoolers, our mission is to homeschool families. I’m glad I stumbled across this site.

  7. Rebecca Chamberlain says:

    Our family will be moving to the Rockville, MD area and would like to know if there are any homeschool-friendly troops nearby. We are military and will actually be doing online private school for our kids but have homeschooled our oldest since Kindergarten, he is now 13.

  8. Amy LeTourneur says:

    We belong to Troop 3 of the New Birth of Freedom Council, serving home schoolers in southeastern PA (York County). We’re chartered by York Home School Association and we have an active Cub Pack and thriving Boy Scout troop made up of great kids. =) You can find more info about Troop 3 at

  9. Julie says:

    Troop 1532 (Seattle Council, Sinclair District, Port Orchard, WA) is decidedly Christian and is about 2/3 homeschoolers.

  10. Daniel says:

    Cub Scouts Pack 207 is a homeschool pack in Texas serving the greater Mckinney area including Anna, Melissa, Blue Ridge, Princeton, and Farmersville.

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  12. Tina Feliciano says:

    We are hoping to start a homeschool Troop in our area w/i the next few years. It’s not for the purpose of avoiding negative influences, on the contrary I find it to be very good for my children to have interaction with non-homeschooled children too. My goal in joining a homeschool Troop would be for the unique opportunities a homeschool Troop would have! No school schedule to follow, service, educational, and just plain fun on any day of the week! Even Troop meetings during the day instead of during the already busy evenings.

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